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23 September 2017, Posted by vodegera

Habi is a new brand of clothing meant to cater the wedding and event industry people who are in need of elegant, colourful and versatile clothes they can use and reuse for several occasions. Our team of professional cutters, sewers and designers are in continuous search in crafting these core requirements to suit our clients needs without breaking the bank and skipping the time spent for personalised custom dress orders. We have created a website were one can see, feel and enjoy having a personal stylist, dressmaker and couture all in one shop. You can send your orders as a gift to your soon to be bridesmaids or family members. One can choose from a wide array of clothes as every item can be purchased in bulk or in piece. 

As we want our clients to enjoy every aspect of their dress hunting, we continue to improve our website experience by offering new things to look forward too. 

HABI...a new brand, creating a new way of planning your big day.

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Habi Pilipinas

How to Order

1. Choose your Bouquet

2. costumize your bouquet

3. check shopping cart

4. answer delivery form


6. send picture of payment via email

If you have any questions? Please feel free to message us.